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Our values

Empowering How Education Can Be


Free Career-based Education for every Thai, accelerating Thailand in becoming the biggest hub of digital nomads. Promising 100k of learners through strategic partnerships and official certifications.


Carrot Interactive redefines learning with custom e-learning, VR training, and comprehensive leadership workshops. Our blend of innovative technology and personalized content delivers impactful and measurable educational experiences for businesses and institutions


Language Education and Practice Platform, one of the first Mock Exams providers with the mirror to mirror features to ETS. Empowering more than 1,200 learners and more than 93 learning institutes.


Talent Sourcing Service for Remote and Tech Talents, trained by mydemy, certified by seasonal providers. Giving only the top-notch freshly trained nomads in needed roles.

Next Founders

Future-oriented learning platform aiming to enable learners to become ready for the next big thing in side hustling projects. Launching in 2024, expecting more than 20k learners through our strategic partnership